Thursday, April 13, 2017

J is for Johan the Seeder

Johan the Seeder

Johan the Seeder is a petty god of the Portsmaw region. He and his family were some of the earliest settlers to the region. Johan was a botanist who's knowledge of plants and nature helped the early settlers stay healthy and fed. Unfortunately, he lost his family to disease. Instead of falling into despair he devoted his life to the people. He traveled all of the region helping farmers and planting fruit trees.

When old age finally caught up to Johan he was taken to the celestial realm of the sun god. He is considered a saint in the region and occasionally apples bearing his blessing are find by those with kind hearts.

Johan's Apple Seed
When this magical seed is planted and watered it will sprout into a fully formed apple try, baring a many ripe delicious apples.


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.

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