Thursday, April 27, 2017

W is for Warlord

Cyrus Alderman sees himself as steward of the Oh'yio region and protector of the old ways. The Alderman family was one of the first from the kingdom to settle the region, centuries ago, and Cyrus believes that it is his lot in life to protect their ways and traditions. He does not recognize the king's sovereignty and he's gathered a large group of like-minded individuals.

For now they dwell in their hilly stronghold and occasionally waylay merchants and the king's men. While he's not an evil man, he's extremely driven and isn't afraid to shed blood in the name of his cause.

AC 4 [15]      HD: 5    Attacks: long sword (1d6) or bow (1d6)   Special: See below        Move: 12

Cyrus gets +1 on death and poison saving throws. He also has a 3 in 6 chance to succeed at Hide in Shadows/Move Silently. Finally if he ambushes an opponent his first attack is made with a +4 bonus and does X2 damage.


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.

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