Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Maximum Mayhem Dungeons: Monsters of Mayhem #1 Kickstarter

The mad genius, +Mark Taormino, is at it again. This time he's got something monstrous in mind. Maximum Mayhem Dungeons: Monsters of Mayhem #1 is an OSR monster manual with a healthy dose of mayhem. What kind of mayhem you ask? How about a about huge sexy demon woman (inspired by Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman)? Sounds like a mayhem causer to me. Then you've got the Tiny Terrors which are awfully similar to the little dopplegangers in one of those movies about with that guy I post about weekly. If they don't cause mayhem, then I don't mayhem. And let me tell you (even though I'm not supposed to talk about it), I know mayhem.

The material is already written and ready to go to layout. In less than a day the project has tripled it's $500 goal. Also, originally envisioned as a pdf, Mark has heard the cry of the people, and is offering a print version too. If you like fun and oddball humor in your games, check out Maximum Mayhem Dungeons: Monsters of Mayhem #1. Don't play 1e or OSRIC, this one won't be hard to convert to other versions of D&D.

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