Monday, June 5, 2017

Monstrous Monday - Thrull Wizard

Thrull Wizard
Armor: 12,  HD: 2 (6 HP), Movement 12, 1 claw (1d4 damage) or spell. Morale 10

Unlike other thrulls which were created to be sacrificed, thrull wizards were bred to help with dark rituals and sacrifices. While all pay lip service to their creators, these thrulls often secretly plot to overthrow their oppressors. Most view all non-thrulls as resources to make new brothers. 

Thrull wizards can cast 1d4 spells a day. They randomly know 1d2 of the following spells. Roll on this chart to know which spells they can cast. If you roll the same number twice, they don't get a new spell but are able to cast the spells they know an additional time per day. Through arcane research they can learn magic as magic-user.
  1. Command
  2. Cause Fear
  3. Cure Light Wounds
  4. Cause Light Wounds
  5. Turn Undead
  6. Charm Person
  7. Identify
  8. Magic Missile
  9. Summon
  10. Invisibility
  11. Stinking Cloud
  12. Forget
  13. Force of Forbidment
  14. ESP
  15. Enthrall
  16. Heat Metal
  17. Cause Disease 
  18. Hold Person
  19. Speak with Dead
  20. Bestow Curse

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