Friday, August 4, 2017

I Am Just A Nerdy Kid, Say You'll Be My Derby Chick

I want to make a DCC/MCC adventure based on a society of roller derby amazons. I need to figure out exactly what brings the characters there. I've got a few ideas floating around. I might turn the idea into a pdf. These are the things I was thinking about including:
  • The settlement of Rena, the remains of an ancient arena inhabited by amazon tribes of roller derby chicks
  • Rules for Ro-Derb, a post-apocalyptic version of roller derby and it's variations
  • Generic ro-derb player stats as well as stats for star players
  • New artifacts of the ancients
  • Other adventure hooks related to Rena.
I realize I'm going about this in the wrong order. I'm going to take a look at Adventuring Writing Like A Fucking Boss and use Venger's tips to make this happen.


  1. You should submit that adventure to the contest in November.

    What's that 80s movie with post-apocalyptic rollerbladers?

    1. I've not seen any myself, but I found a few movies mentioned when I do a google search. I'll hand to look into them.