Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Light City - Krampfhund

Here's another bit of Reich fodder inspired by Wolfenstein.


Krampfhund are armored and genetically augmented German Shepherds employed by the Reich as attack dogs.

AC: 7 [12] HD: 2 Attacks: bite (1d6) Move: 15 

It was a pleasure taking these two out in Wolfenstien: Old Blood.
Please note these posts aren't to glorify Nazis by any means. My hope is you include them in your Light City game and pulverise every white supremacist bastard into a bloody pulp. Once Continual Light is released my favourite Nazi-killing protagonist BJ Blazkowics is going to get the Light City treatment.


  1. Nice! And...this sentiment has been stated many times over, but it's amazing that there's even a need for a disclaimer...that Nazis are, indeed, still a thing.