Monday, August 21, 2017

Light City - Supersoldat

I'm about half way through Wolfenstein: The New Order and it's an amazing game. Here's one of the stronger enemies you regularly encounter.


Supersoldat are a breed of super soldiers engineered by General Deathshead. After going through chemical therapy, the subjects bodies are surgically enhanced with steel and cybernetics and encased in bullet proof armor. To make them the most effective killers, their brains are degenerated into a more primitive state. This often makes them erratic and extremely violent, though they follow orders from Nazi officials without question and will sacrifice themselves at a moments notice.

AC: 5 [14] HD: 4+1 Attacks: smash (1d6+) or weapon SP: Ignore the first 5 points of damage taken from every attack.  Move: 9

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