Monday, September 25, 2017

Light City - The Silver Lady

The Silver Lady

The folks of Light City are pretty open minded and the fact the host of the top rated local television show is from Venus is a testament to that. The beautiful Silver Lady, or Sil as she's known in Light City, is the most popular anchor in the tri-state area and her talk show, Silver, is watched by all.

The Silver Lady claims that Venus is a planet of peace and love, without weapons of war. Unknown to all, she's actually an agent of the Venusian government and the vanguard of a Venusian invasion. Recently though her attitude about her new home has changed and she has grown to like Earth the way it is. Soon her loyalties might be tested.

Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: Space Adventures #42 (October 1961)
AC 9 [10]      HD: 2+1    Attacks: Punch (1) Move: 12

The Silver Lady can Charm Person an infinite number times per day but this can only affect living human men. She has limited telepathy and can communicate mentally with anyone within 30'. The Silver Lady can perform feats of mass hypnosis and suggestion over the air. Men in particular are susceptible to her mental abilities. 

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