Sunday, February 4, 2018

Light City - NFL SuperPro

I decided to stat this ridiculous character because it's Super Bowl Sunday.


Aspiring football player, Phil Grayfield, career ended when he saved a child and suffered a career ending knee injury. Loving sports, he becomes a sports reporter. One day he interviews a sports fan who also happens to be a scientist and inventor. Thieves interrupt the interview and steal a van load of NFL memorabilia. They tie Grayfield up and set the house on fire. He manages to free himself though he's doused in experimental chemicals. He then dons a new almost indestructible football uniform created by the scientist and pursues the criminals. He decided to dedicate his life to fighting crime and dubbed himself SuperPro.

Level 3 Brawler

Real Name Phil Grayfield
First Appearance NFL SuperPro (October 1991)
Str 16 (+1)        Int 11
Dex 15 (+1)      Wis 13
Con 15 (+1)      Cha 12
HD (16 HP)   Saving Throw 12
AC 4 [15] (dexterity, SuperPro Armor)
Attacks: X3 Unarmed (+4 to hit, 1d6+1 damage)
Other: Sorry about the furniture

SuperPro Armor  - This power armor gives its wearer a -4 [+4] armor. In addition, the helmet has a built in communicator and gives infrared vision.

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