Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thor vs. Wonder Woman (With Light City Mjolnir Stats)

I really like all of the fan films I've been finding recently and want to share them. Still I don't want to post just videos and such so taking a cue from +Red Flanagan and his blog, Blood, Death, Satan and Metal, I'm going to include some sort of gaming material with the posts. I went back and retroactively added gaming content to the video posts I made the past few weeks. 

I think the video does a nice job of showing what it's like to be a bystander in a comic book universe. Now on to the game stats.

Mjolnir - The chosen weapon Thor Odinson, Mjolnir is an artifact level version of a Thunder Weapon (see Light City: The Assembly). This hammer may only be wielded by those it deems worthy. It provides a +1 bonus to hit rolls and can be swung or thrown (medium range) for 2d6 damage. If thrown it will return to its owner. The were may control storms and fire lightning bolts from it 2/day (treat as Magic Missile). In addition they gain a fly speed equal to twice their normal speed.

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