Friday, April 6, 2018

Light City - Blood Spider

Blood Spider
Real Name: Michael Bringham
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #367 (1992)
AC 5 [14]      HD: 3    Attacks: Death Shield (1d6+1, medium range) Move: 12

Equipment: Web Shooters - These wrist accouterments give the characters a climb speed of 12, swing speed of 30', and the ability to web up enemies (the equivalent of a web spell) 3/day

Much like Death-Shield, not much is known about the mercenary known as Blood Spider. He was trained by Taskmaster at his academy to be a criminal version of everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. 


  1. His attack should be "Unarmed (1d6)" ? (like a level 3+ Brawler)
    Some mix-up with Death Shield ?