Friday, May 25, 2018

Light City - General Zod

General Zod
Real Name Dru-Zod
First Appearance Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961)
AC 1 [18]  HD 10  Attacks Unarmed (2d6) or Heat Vision (1d6+1, long range)  Move 24/24 (Flying)

General Zod his a skilled tactician and highly trained soldier, in addition to having all the powers of a Kryptonian. He can freeze opponents with his breath. The target must make a saving throw or be unable to move or act (though they attempt a saving throw every round to break the effect). Once he's used this ability he can't use it for 1d6 turns. Additionally Zod has X-ray vision and other Kryptonian extrasensory powers. Finally, he regenerates 1 HP a round.  He does have the same weakness as all Kyrptonians (red solar energy and kryptonite). He cannot regenerate near kryptonite and kryptonite weapons do an extra 1d6+1 damage to Zod.

Zod wasn't happy about his tenure in the Suicide Squad.

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