Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Light City - Russell

This weekend I watched Deadpool 2... twice. I told my Dad I'd watch it with him and then my girlfriend also wanted to see it. I really liked the film. It actually had a pretty coherent plot for a Deadpool story and wasn't just "Deadpool kills people"... though, you know, he totally did kill a lot of people. I decided to stat one of the character. This post has some minor spoilers.

Level 1 Elemental
Real Name: Russell Collins 
First Appearance: Deadpool 2 (May 2018)
Str 9              Int 10
Dex 10          Wis 10
Con 11          Cha 10
1 HD (5 HP) Save:15 Movement: 12
AC 7 [12] (Fire Aura)
Attacks: Elemental Strike (+0 to hit, 1d6 damage)
Elemental Tricks: Magic Missile 1/day 
Other: Learning to Fly - Able to fly at speed of 24, but must roll 1 on 1d6 to take off or land successfully

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