Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In honor of Netflix's new series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Tim Branan and I have decided to both present you fine folks with game statistics for the titular character. My stats are for SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons. You will need the Player Option & GM Guide to fully use these. This is Sabrina as of the beginning of the series. Once I finish, I'll post stats for Sabrina at the end of season 1. 

After you've finished here, make sure to go over to The Other Side Blog and check out Tim's Swords & Wizardry White Box stats for Sabrina! Also, stop by HeroPress and check out Tim Knight’s insightful post about the first season and awesome things airineg on Netflix. Update: Josh Becklehimer has posted Sabrina stats here for  Six-Shooters & Wagons.

Sabrina Spellman
Class/Level: Black Witch 2
Alignment: Neutral

Str: 10
Int: 15 (+1)
Wis: 12 
Dex: 12 
Con: 13 (+1) 
Cha: 17 (+2)
Sur: 12

Courage: 12
Critical: 11
Death:  10
Mental: 12
Poison: 11

Languages: English, Latin

AC: 11 
HP: 16
Move: 12

Attack Bonus:
Dagger +0, 1d6-1

Art & Music 1 (+2)
Botany 1 (+2)
Investigation 1 (+2)
Knowledge General 1 (+2)
Knowledge: Magic 2 (+6)
Paranormal 2 (+3)
Persuasion 1 (+3)

+2  to all saves vs. Magic
+2 to Courage saves
Prestidigitation (can do minor magic trick at will)
Create Darkness (up to 60' radius centered on her)
Familiar (Salem)
Toughness +1 (Magic)

Glammered Appearance

library card, spell book, charms, magical charm (regenerate survival points at double normal rate)


  1. Good stuff! Looking forward to your take on Sabrina at the end of the season ;-)