Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Among The Living

Today is release day for SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! 2nd Edition Sourcebook 1 - Among the Living. The first supplement for STZ2E contains lots of cool content.

There are a few pieces of fiction and the background chart for character creation has been expanded to a d100.

There are three new survivor classes. I'm definitely going to say the classes are super badass... because I designed and wrote them. Cannibal just seemed like an obvious fit for a darker survivor. I'm a librarian and that was the inspiration for the Lore Keeper. Finally, the Zombikinetic was inspired by a great zombie film, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead. It's a pc version of the shepherd of the dead. The class gives you psychic powers that can be used to control the undead.

There are three adventure seeds, The Dark Door, When The Lights Go Out, and Somebody's Poisoned The Water Hole. I wrote the latter, which introduces a new zombie type, the appropriately named Bloat Zombie.

The book contains 4 new types of zombies. My Bloat Zombies are a tribute to the well zombie from The Walking Dead, Boomers from Left 4 Dead, and Floaters from Dead Island. Dead Evil Zombies are unkillable Deadites. Electro Zombies have electric powers. Finally Frankenzombies are basically Frankenstein's Monster.

Does your game need a crazy Mad Max style fetish gear gang? Of course it does, that's where the Gaslords Gang comes in handy. Stats are given for the gang and their pimped out death machines. There's also a section with other death racers that can be photocopied for pc vehicles.

The book ends with the detailed The Body in the Road adventure. If you've played Zombies! with Eric at a con, you've probably played this adventures. It's a fun one and the one shot is easy to work into a game.

I assume there will be a print on demand option for this at some point, but until then you should pick up the pdf.

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