Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ash Wednesday - Ed the Bit Part Demon

Last week I gave stats to an important (perhaps the most important) piece of the Evil Dead mythos. This week I decided to bring life to an amusing foot note.

Ed the Bit Part Demon
Armor Class: 12                Damage: Claw, 1d6
Hit Dice: 2                         Special: Deadite, Musically Inclined
Move: 12                           Bonus: +1 to Hit
Attack: 1 per round           HDE: 3

Like other Deadites, every time a character is damaged by Ed they most make a Critical saving throw or become possessed. It is possible to stop possession by severing the offending limbs. It is possible that certain rituals (and even direct sunlight) might also remove or at least suppressing a Deadites control of the body. In addition Ed is pretty light on his feet and has a lovely singing voice. He gets a +4 bonus on all rolls related to performing.

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