Sunday, December 2, 2018

Merry Axemas Day 2 - Elf on the Shelf

Here's another Christmas themed Crypt TV short to help you get into the Axemas spirit.

Children would do well to learn that on certain times of the year and under certain conditions words have immense power. A simple utterance could bring a toy imp, a very minor demon who's purpose is to punish those that have wronged children. Unfortunately for the children, the imp has a child's viewpoint, so something as simple as making a child go to bed early, is worthy of punishment.

Toy Imp
Armor Class: 12                                          Attack Damage: By Weapons
Hit Dice: 2                                                    Special: Toy Form, Stealth
Move: 12                                                       Bonuses: +2 to Hit, +1 Damage
Attacks: 1 per Round                                    Terror: 10      HDE: 2

Toy Imps have two forms. Their covert form is that of a popular child's toy. The second is an adult-sized freakish version of that toy. Additionally, they are quite stealthy and get a +4 bonus to all rolls made to avoid being discovered.

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