Friday, March 15, 2019

Deals With Demons

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I love Exalted Funeral. While browsing there yesterday, I found this interesting product: Deals With Demons by World Champ Game Co.. Check out the description:

Deals With Demons is a limited edition zine of a ruleset I use for player death in D&D 5e. (can be easily tweaked for other editions).

The zine is composed of six sealed red envelopes. In each envelope is a card offering a unique deal from a demon. After failing their death saves, a player may choose to accept the deal and return to life with a listed curse (and mechanical change to their character sheet) or pass and truly die. Rules are printed inside the cover so as to not spoil for players.

Each zine includes 6 unique demons (no repeats) out of a possible 18, so each zine is unique.
The first edition of DWD is limited to 25 hand stitched and numbered copies. Available here are the 10 remaining copies after Grand Rapids Zine Fest.

This is a fantastic idea and while it may not be used every game, it's a cool trick to have up your DM sleeve. The look and sound like quality products. If you want a set you need to act fast though. As the product description says, there are only 10 remaining and I have it on really good authority that one was ordered this morning... you know because I ordered one this morning.

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  1. Look forward to your review. This is certainly a very clever idea and something with enormous utility.