Friday, August 9, 2019

Children of the Fallen Sun Review

I picked up this phenomenal Mutant Crawl Classics adventure at Gen Con this year. Children of the Fallen Sun is the first third party release for MCC and was designed along with the game itself.

A starship crashes near the players' tribe and they are sent to investigate and gain resources from it before rivals can do the same. This brings them into conflict with two other local tribes. Additionally they find themselves embroiled in the political struggle of the Blumans and Rustmen, two genetically altered races of humans who've returned to their species planet of origin.

The adventure is a wonderful combination of exploration and social maneuvering. The combats are challenging and interesting. There's also just a cool factor of having technologically advanced races descended from the ancients to interact with too.

In addition to the fun story the adventure has several crunchy bits too, including:

  • Two new patron AI's (with spells) that are an integral part of the adventure
  • Nine new artifacts (including one that can create zombies)
  • One new mutation

This adventure is absolutely fantastic! The writing and design are top notch. The artwork and layout are excellent. I really love the great impact this 1st level adventure can have on your Mutant Crawl Classics campaign. If you play MCC and don't have this one, pick it up here asap.

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  1. Hey there! Thank you so much for the kind review. I'm glad you enjoyed the adventure.