Saturday, September 21, 2019

Legendary Wrestler Review

I can't help it, I have a sickness. While looking for more 5e wrestling content I found this fantastic supplement on the DM's Guild.

Legendary Grappler is an outstanding pwyw pdf. The main focus is the legendary wrestler archetype for the barbarian. The archetype is a great blend of classic and professional wrestling. Unlike some barbarian archetypes, the path isn't really about dealing a lot of damage. Instead it focuses on grappling and working as a team.

In addition to the archetype itself, there is also a page of lore that can easily be fit into most D&D cosmologies. The pdf presents three different wrestlers. Garnox and Vindrel are detailed and given face (good) and heel (evil) options. Both also has three different stat blocks: amateur, champion, and legendary. In addition to the brothers, the villainous sahaugin Khululukul is given stats. A former conqueror, he became obsessed with wrestling when he was defeated by the legendary wrestlers.  He only has one stat block and is a good challenge for characters of 10th or higher. Finally the pdf two sizes of printable miniatures for Garnox and Vindrel.

I am really impressed by this pdf. It's 19 pages of well rounded content. Not only do you get a new archetype, you get characters based around it, and game lore. Additionally, the pdf is gorgeous. The layout and artwork are professionally done.

Still not convinced you need this one? Check out the video below, created by the publisher.

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  1. That sounds great, love the fact you also get printable figures in the PDF, and the clever video really sells it.