Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Phylactery #1

Do you want a plethora of amazing OSR content for your games? Of course you do! Planet X Games has you covered. I recently snagged an original copy of Phylactery #1 and limited run Grindhouse Edition version. Content-wise, they are both the same, I just wanted both because I love Levi's stuff.

So you're probably wondering what you get in this bad boy, right? Counting the covers you get 48 pages of facemelting goodness!

  • 10 NPC's
  • 16 Magic Items
  • 3 Unique Spellbooks, 1 Spell
  • 3 Random Charts
  • 2 Diabolical Cults
  • 3 Adventures/Sites/Hexcrawls
  • 4 Monsters
Not only is the content dope as hell, but Levi has also given information that can make them a living part of your game. This is a really nice touch that I wish more writers did. The random charts are one of my favorite thing. Levi always has fun with these. I'm also a big fan of Corpse Garden of the Myconid King. I love shroom bois, so this one hit just right. 

Also like any PX Games release, it looks fantastic. The art and cartography is all done by great folks like Skullfungus, Ian McGartiy, JE Shields, Ed Bickford, Lawrence Hernandez, and Adrian Landeros. 

If you want a copy of this (and trust me, you're wrong if you don't), go to the PX Games Facebook page and find out how to get your own copy.


  1. That cover is awesome.

    What's the info like that helps make the content part of your game? Is it recommendations for how to work it into your own world?

    1. The cover is a tribute to the Warduke.

      A lot of the items have subheadings like "Local Lore" and "Whispers of the Weird" which can be used as rumors and hooks for your game.

  2. First, I love me Planet X stuff from Levi. But second, is that Warduke on the table behind them?

    1. Yes it is. I commissioned an artist friend to make it.