Sunday, January 24, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 24

Today's character is doing his best to avoid death in The Blackest Space.

Griz O'Janen

Evade: 13
HD: 1
HP: 13
Armor Points: 1 (furry)
Level: 1 
Race: Gnargfang
Class: Smuggler
Move: 35

STR: 1 INT: 2 WIS: 4
DEX: 3  CON: 3 CHA: 3

Luck: 4

Attack Damage
Claws +1to hit, d4+1 damage
Telekinesis +3 to hit, 1 damage (60' range)
Laser Pistol +3 to hit, 1d6 (100' range, 20 shots per clip)
Energy Rifle +3 to hit, 1d8 (200' range, 15 shots per clip)
Knife +1 to hit, d4 damage (60' thrown)

Race Traits: 

  • Enhanced Sense: Advantage on sight, hearing, and smelling checks; Dark Vision 50'
  • Claws and Fangs: d4+ STR damage
  • Great Leaper: Advantage on on jumping and climbing checks 
  • Furry: 1 AP and ignore first 2 damage from cold sources (then apply AP)
  • ability to use Grnarcryst weaponry and armor
  • Way of the Eye: +2 Evade, Telepathy (100', only works on willing), Telekinesis (60', 5lbs., can do one damage with ranged attack), can understand, read, and speak any language encountered 
Race Traits: 

  • Fake Papers: Advantage on attempts to gain or create forged papers for ship, crew, cargo, etc. and bluffing attempts
  • Sense Weakness: ignore 1 AP when gain an attack Benefit, may use Luck to gain an additional random Benefit
  • Luck of the Stars: 25% chance of regaining extra Luck point at the start of each session. Regain Luck point after successfully pull off a big score
  • Smuggling All the Time: Advantage on all checks involving hiding items, people, and self. Advantage on searching checks.
92 Galactic Repute, Sensor Comm, Laser Pistol (2 extra clips), Energy Rifle (1 extra clip), Simple Breather, Medi-Pak, Knife, Backpack, Quality Wine, Small Mirror

Born with access to the Eye of Koshka, Griz was destined to become a Meta-Psyche or Emerald Champion. Well... that's what his parents thought, at least. However, while he appreciated his psionic and the advantages they gave him, he preferred a more roguish carefree life style. As soon as he could, he left home and joined a pirate crew. While he learned a lot and it was exciting, he found the life of a space pirate to be too violent for his tastes. He took to smuggling and has never looked back.