Friday, January 15, 2021

Moreduke Zine #1

 Moreduke is an homage/parody of the iconic D&D villain, Warduke. Created by Eric Smith, Moreduke has a regular comic strip and a zine. You can read the comic strips on his site, The first issue of the zine is 16 pages. It describes the origins of Moreduke, which is fun. There are six full color illustrations,  13 comic strips, 5e stats for Moreduke (with a slip featuring errata), a maze, a madlib, and a word search. 

While he might be a parody character, as a fat dude, I appreciate seeing a overweight D&D character. Yes there are jokes about his size and such, but they didn't bother me. 

Check out Eric's page and judge Moreduke for yourself. If you like him, you can order your own copy here.  

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