Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Limitless Encounters Volume 3

I'm a big fan of Limitless Adventures. I have all of their 5evo books and can't wait for the next one to come out. Last month I received my Kickstarter copy of Limitless Encounters Volume 3. The book is jam packed with content, though it is light on art. Outside of the gorgeous cover the only art are the ten different pieces of black and white terrain encounter artwork borders. While I love artwork, this book is very functional and works as is.

Each encounter has flavor text, combat stats and/or challenge, treasure and three open ended "Further Adventure" ideas. If the encounter calls for combat, related monster stats can be found with the encounter. 

 Here's a breakdown of crunchy content

  • 101 pages of content
  • 10 arctic encounters
  • 10 dungeon encounters
  • 10 festival encounters
  • 10 haunted location encounters
  • 10 highway encounters
  • 10 mountain encounters
  • 10 sea encounters
  • 10 swamp encounters
  • 10 urban encounters
  • 10 genre bending encounters
  • 145 monster/npc stat blocks (some are repeats and some can be found in other sources)
  • 26 challenges/traps
  • 13 magic items/special items
  • 1 disease
As you can see, you get a lot of bang for your buck. While I obviously think some are better than others, every encounter in this book can have it's place in a traditional D&D game. Additionally there's enough info that each of these encounters could be turned into a fully fleshed adventure. 

Of all the sections, the "When Worlds Collide" encounters are my absolute favorite. There were written to show how the 5Evo content can be incorporated into a regular D&D game. The encounters allow your typical D&D party to team up with a super speedster, a regiment of Union solders, and fight Nazi werewolves... among other things. There's even an encounter inspired by the classic D&D Saturday morning cartoon. This is the first encounters collection to include them, but I hope they become a regular feature in future releases.

Definitely pick this one up from the Limitless Adventure store when it becomes available. 

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