Thursday, July 15, 2021

Adventures In The Forgotten Realms - Part III

A Verdant Tomb continues the events that were kicked off in In Scarlet Flames and continued in The Hidden Page. After leaving Sylvene's pocket dimension the pc's head to the tomb of Sylvene's husband and villain Tyreus' grandfather, Waltarn. The party must work their way through the tomb, which is full of dead grave robbers and traps sent by Tyreus. Eventually they will discover more about the villain and a powerful artifact that holds the power to create a demiplane.

Unlike previous adventures in the series there are no unique stat blocks. However there is a new spell Linked Glyphs and Mighty Fortress (which appears in Xanathar's Guide to Everything). Additionally the Stone of Creation (and Chips of Creation), the artifacts mentioned above, are statted out.

WotC has done a really good job with these adventures. Grab the pdf of A Verdant Tomb here and remember if this isn't a part of your regular game you can grab premade MTG pc's here


  1. Just want to note that "Verdant Tomb" sounds like a green/black dual land in MTG. A random thought with nowhere else to put it.

    Thanks for keeping us updated by posting these, too. I depend on a few of y'all in the blogosphere to put new stuff in front of my face to check out!