Thursday, October 21, 2021

October Horror Movie Challenge - V/H/S/94 (2021)


Like the previous films in the series, this film is a series of found footage shorts that have a framed story. This time the frame is a police raid on a cult hideout. Storm Drain deals with a humanoid rat seen beneath a city. The Empty Wake involved a reanimated corpse in a wake with no guests. The Subject deals with a scientist creating cyborgs and a military raid. Finally The Terror involves a domestic terrorist group and their attempt to use vampire blood as a weapon.

I really liked this anthology. Then again, I've been a fan of this whole series. Personally, I liked the The Terror best. There's nothing like seeing a bunch of super patriotic conservative terrorists can taken out. Storm Drain is my second favorite. Ratma is a cool idea, even if its not fully fleshed out. It also takes place in Westerville, Ohio. It mentions Westerville, but I know its the one in Ohio because it mentions "our Buckeyes" and a annual pumpkin festival. The Subject is action packed and a lot of fun. The Neohuman cyborgs are horrific and have a Tetsuo, the Iron Man vibe. Finally, The Empty Wake is crazy, but has a very random ending. If you like found footage anthologies, check this one out on Shudder. 

In Your Game
Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice/Points: 8
Move: 12 
Actions: 1
Attack: Handcannon (3d6) or Blade (2d6)
Bonuses: +2 to hit, +6 to melee damage
Special: Toughness 5, can make two attacks if taking a melee attack action, can be distracted if presented with evidence of former life
Morale: 10
Terror: 13
HDE: 7

Movie Count
New To Me: 10
Total Movies: 16

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