Friday, May 20, 2022

Condiment King Causes Chaos In Vigilante City

I've been giving my 5e supers content a lot of love recently and thought Vigilante City could use some too. Here's a zany, but potentially frightening villain (more on that after the stats), for your Vigilante City game. Related, The Batman star Robert Pattinson has said Condiment King is his favorite Batman villain.

Condiment King 
Real Name: Mitchel Mayo
Armor Class: 12 
Hit Dice/Hit Points: 4 (20 HP)
Move: 12
Actions: 1
Attack: Unarmed (1) or Condiment Gun (special)
Bonuses: +2 to attacks,
Alignment: Chaos
Morale: 8
Terror: 4 or 8 (again, see below)
HDE: 1

Condiment Gun
Condiment King either wields dual squirt guns or a cannon that fires condiments. While this doesn't do damage in the typical sense, it does have it's uses. It can be used to blind an opponent or make them slippery (Disadvantage on physical action rolls until they use an action to wipe themselves off). It also has a potentially more deadly feature:  sending individuals into anaphylactic shock (Poison save with advantage or they begin "drowning" until they receive medical attention). 

Okay so now on to how Condiment King could be horrifying. My favorite TikToker has a skit about this and I thought I'd share. Though I was able to before, I can't get the TikTok vid to embed in this post, so check it out here.

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