Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kite Man. Hell Yeah.

I really dig Kite Man. His characterization as a bumbling, but lovable villain is Harley Quinn, is adorable. No spoilers, but I really for him, especially considering how Season 2 ends. I'm hoping he's one of the leads of the new Harley spin-off coming to HBOMax. This and the DC Rebirth versions are my favorite. In Rebirth, Chuck is a brilliant engineer that had worked with the Joker in the past, designing the Jokermobile. He was caught up in the Gang-War between Joker and Riddler, which got his son killed. Chuck eventually reformed and became a regular Gotham citizen.

Also, this one is for my friend Tim over at HeroPress.

Kite Man
Real Name: Charles Brown Sr.
Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice/Hit Points: 5 (30 HP)
Move: 12, "Fly" 15
Actions: 1
Attack: By Weapon
Special:  Toughness +3, unless there is a strong gust of wind Kite Man can't ascend while flying.
Bonuses: +2 to attacks, +2 to Computer Skills, +5 to Mechanics, Outsmart +1, Tech Adept (as Level 7 Gadgeteer ability)
Alignment: Chaos
Morale: 5
Terror: 4
HDE: 4

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