Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Vulgar Display of Magic Kickstarter

Vulgar Display of Magic is the latest balls to the wall Kickstarter from my man, Levi Combs of Planet X Games. A direct follow-up to Magic and Shit! (read my review here), this zine promises rituals and spells worthy of a metal album. Like the previous zine, Vulgar Display of Magic contains both mechanical rules for the new magic, but more importantly lore and plot hooks related to it. That's what I love about these things, Levi really makes his content feel unique. I don't do a lot of OSR gaming these days, outside of my SURVIVE THIS!! games, but I still pick up all of PX's stuff because it's just that damn good. Just going to share a few names to give you a taste of what you get with this one.

  • Call of the Mold Walker
  • Blessing of the Black Brine
  • Dweormerclasm
  • Oath of the Noose
  • Wall of Writhing Roots
  • Prismatic Crucible
  • Virmak's Shroud of Many Eyes
  • Huculak's Caustic Doom
  • Nauseous Swarm

That shit is fucking metal! Also did I mention all the internal artwork is done by the amazing Phil Stone?

Do yourself a favor and back this one. Your players will thank and/or curse you for it.


  1. I love the artwork. It gives me real old school Erol Otus vibes from the controversial Alma Mater RPG (which, I'll confess, I owned a copy of back in the day).

    1. I've never heard of the game, but now I have to look into it.