Friday, August 5, 2022

War For The Wasteland Kickstarter

War for the Wasteland is minimalist lo-fi sci-fi tabletop rpg and the newest Kickstarter from my fam at Bloat Games. I know that description is a mouthful, so let me break it down. It's a an extremely rules light game that was inspired by Pretendo Games' 2400 Lo-Fi Sci-Fi. With some nods to Palladium Games Rifts, it is set in a nuclear post-nuclear war setting, four hundred years after the bombs dropped on America. The world is a mutated wasteland with normal folks just trying to survive. Character creation is simple and features 4 origins and 17 archetypes to combine. The project is funded, but just keeps getting better with stretch goals. If you want a simple game that lets you play Rifts, Judge Dredd, Mad Max, or Fallout... this is the game for you.

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