Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Kakando Review

The Kakondo is a new monster you can add to your Dungeon Crawl Classics games. The pdf is black and white and four pages total. The first page is the title page and the following info about the release:

All Sanctum Media proceeds from this product go directly to the writer, Ashraf Braden. Ashraf is an aspiring game designer and author living near Kampala in Uganda. 

In the areas around Kampala, it is not uncommon for workers to make as little as $2/day. By purchasing this product, you are contributing to Ashraf’s ability to be able to continue to write and design games by allowing him the financial breathing room to do so. 

Your support of this, and future products of this sort, are greatly appreciated

Going to be real, that alone made me want to purchase this and all of Ashraf's future releases. That being said this is a really cool micro-release. The Kakando is an urban legend in Uganda that stalks and frightens people. The creature is given stats with unique abilities, background, and a new weapon you can include in your games. The Kakando is a new menace for use in your game and brings some interesting diversity into DCC. I highly recommend checking this one out and I look forward to seeing more releases from Ashraf.

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