Saturday, March 18, 2023

Blogging A to Z Theme Reveal: Evil Dead

Going to be honest, until I saw Tim's post on Wednesday, I hadn't give a thought to Blogging A-Z this year. Then it hit me... I haven't done anything with the Army of Darkness RPG in years and there's a new Evil Dead coming out next month. That had me definitely leaning in that direction. Earlier today I visited the Living Dead Museum, which has a room dedicated Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. I was able to see some replica props and actual parts of the cabin and work shed used in the film. At the end of the tour I was purchased a small piece of the cabin for my horror collection. I don't have words to express how excited that makes me.

I might have missed out on the official theme reveal, but I can still share with y'all. I don't have all my posts planned out, but I plan on reaching out to all the films, games, shows, and comics for it. I might even draw some connections to other horror films like the director of Jason Goes To Hell. Oh and of course you can expect and Evil Dead Rise review later in the month.

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