Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

The trailer for the the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 30th anniversary special, Once & Always, dropped today. Even if I don't watch it regularly, I love Power Rangers, and MMPR is one my nostalgic jams. Check out the trailer:

Several cast members are returning for special. The Rangers appearing are:

Zach Taylor - original Black Ranger
Billy Cranston - original Blue Ranger
Rocky DeSantos - second Red Ranger
Katherine "Kat" Hillard - second Pink Ranger

Trini Kwan the original Yellow Ranger will appear in flashbacks. Charlie Kersh is being introduced as her daughter Minh Kwan and based on the synopsis will become the new Yellow Ranger in the special. It hasn't been disclosed who's playing the Green Ranger, but according to friends Jason David Frank wanted nothing to do with the special.

Other former Rangers will also appear in the special.
Adam Park - second Black Ranger
Aisha Campbell - second Yellow Ranger

Finally Alpha 5 and Rita Repulsa are back as well. Rita appears as a robot and I'll be interested in seeing if this is the actual Rita or something truly new (since Rita was purified and a force of good in later Power Rangers series). 

So yeah, I'm pretty excited for this one. It debuts April 19th on Netflix. I'll also take this time to mention a new semi normal feature I'm adding to the Halls, Super Sentai Saturday. These will just be random Power Ranger related posts (some gaming, some not).


  1. I've hardly watched any Power Rangers, but I respect a geeky franchise with history and continuity, so I might have to check this out. Also looking forward to Super Sentai Saturdays to bolster my meagre knowledge of the genre.

    1. I was nine when Might Morphin' Power Rangers debuted. It wasn't the cool thing to watch, but I watched it religiously until Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie cane out four years later. After that I watched episodes here and there (which I still do to this day). I'm really excited to start reading the comics, which I've heard great things about.

  2. I'm in kind of the same boat as Tim. Not a lot of knowledge, but a lot of respect. Will be keeping an eye on SSSs!