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Blobs vs. Blades Review

Fantastical Classes: Blobs vs. Blades is an Old-School Essentials supplement by Joshua Burnett. The total package,  he both wrote and illustrated it. There are six new classes presented, as well as racial options if you prefer the Advanced version of OSE. If you're a fan of old school video games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, you're going to love this one. 

The Adepts are individuals who seeks to understand and sculpt magic as a whole. They are able to tap into both the arcane and the divine. 

The titular Blob is inspired by and a tribute to the slimes of Dragon Quest. Josh even honors slime creator Akira Toriyama in his acknowledgements and thanks. Blobs grow as they the level up, dealing more damage with the pseudopods and gaining more protection from their natural armor. Blobs are one of the two classes to be presented as an Advanced Race.

Dancers are essentially a cooler version of bards. They are agile in combat and can add their CHA to their AC. They also gain some thief skills and arcane magic (which they cast through dance). We're also presented with a few new Dancer-centric weapons.

The Fury in another agile combatant that specializes in fighting with two weapons. They are mobile, can unleash furious attacks and dual wield.

Ophidians are human/Serpent Man hybrids descended from unholy breeding programs. Physically a blend of man and serpent, they've inherited sorcerous powers from their Serpent Men ancestors. They are stealthy, have fangs, can speak with serpents, are venomous, and can eventually hypnotize victims with their gaze. Like Blobs, Ophidians care also presented as an Advanced Race.

Swordmages are the final new class presented. This arcane warriors combine swordsmanship with spellcraft. They can expend prepared spells to imbue their weapons with raw magical force. We also presented with two (optional) alternate swordmages. Dream Swords can cast illusionist spells while Swordmages that call upon necromantic power are Death Blades.

The book ends with XP calculation charts for each class. These breakdowns were created using Erin D. Sample's BX Options: Class Builder. You can grab that book here.

Blobs vs Blades is an excellent addition to any classic old school swords and spells game. The blob might not be quite the norm to western audiences but it definitely has a place in the game. I love Josh's art. It has a fun spirit too it that I can't quite put my finger on. If you like your games old school and want to add some video game flair to them, you definitely need to pick this one up when it becomes available to the public.

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