Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Mud Wizard

The Mud Wizard is an OSE class inspired by a real life activist. The individual (along with thousands of other protestors over many years) fought against the destruction of a village in western Germany for mining purposes. Basically a man dressed as a monk/wizard confronts riot cops in a field covered in mud. The riot cops are getting sucked in, falling, and can barely navigate, while the "mud wizard" seamlessly moves through the difficult terrain.  I've posted two videos about it below if you want to see the action yourself. The first is more educational and gives context to everything. The second is just a really entertaining Ozzy Man Reviews vid. 

Now on to the pdf. It begins with a discussion of the real life Mud Wizard and then discusses the class (both as a player option and Mud Wizard npcs). Despite being called Mud Wizards, practitioners of this magic are divine in nature, more akin to clerics and druids. They use the power of nature to turn pigs and tyrants. In game terms this translate to lawful humanoids, pigs, and other porcine creatures. Of course, they also cast spells. Their spell list contains some core OSE spells and some new ones. It's a fun, useful class, and I think a nice addition to any OSE game.
You can get the class by following this link and selectin a charitable donation of $2 or more. The specific charity isn't mentioned on the product page, but all sales profits will got to a non-religious, non-political environmental charity.

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