Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guest Star - Dr. Herbert West

I've decided to have a semi-regular posting on my blog entitled "Guest Star." These posts will character write-ups that can be inserted into cinematic unisystem games. Some of the characters will be from popular (or cult media), while others will be my own creation. I'll also include some possible uses.


For your gaming enjoyment, here's one of my favorite movie characters, Herbert West. If you've not seen the Re-Animator movies and you're a B horror movie fan, watch them. I admit that they aren't masterpieces (especially Beyond Re-Animator), but there's something about Jeffrey Combs and Herbert West...

Name: Dr. Herbert West, the Re-Animator
Motivation: Conquer death, perfect the serum
Critter Type: Human
Atributes: Str 2, Dex 3, Con 2, Int 6, Per 5, Will 6
Ability Scores: Muscle 10, Combat 12, Brains 16
Life Points: 41 Drama Points: 20
Special Abilities: Re-animation serum, Hard to Kill 5, Nerd, Doctor 5, Science 6, Super Scientist 6

Name Score Damage Notes

Scalpel 12 5
Big-Ass Syringe 12 2 Re-Animation Serum
Grapple 14 - Dodge Resists

The Re-Animation Serum itself is more of a plot device than anything else. It is how Dr. West gets his undead minions. It has been shown to kill humans and re-animate them in the films. What it's effects on supernatural creatues is up to the director. If a mortal cast member gets injected there are a few options: you can create some sort of dangerous ritual that will cleanse the serum or you can do my favorite option (and one I plan on using in one of my games) kill the player and bring him and then bring him back from the dead (with the zombie quality from Monster Smackdown).


Re-Animated - All of the core cinematic unisystem books have stats for some sort of zombie and/or skeleton. Any of these can work for the re-animated.

Re-Animated Limb - If you want to send some sort of detached limb and/organs after you cast, I recommend using the stats of the "Evil's Hand" quick sheet in the Army of Darkness Corebook.


Here are some plot hooks on how to use Herbert West in the various cinematic games. He can be used for a single episode, a subplot, a re-accuring villain, or even a Big Bad with little work:

Ghosts of Albion: This version of Dr. West is much closer to the original Lovecraftian version. He is an American doctor obsessed with conquering death.

Army of Darkness: West has already tangled with Ash in the comics. In an AoD game, West could turn to the Necronomicon to help perfect his serum. The serum could even supercharge deadites, making them the equivelent to the Iradiated Deadites in the "It's Bad, Really Bad" setting.

Angel/Buffy: The best option for West in the Whedonverse is to make him an instuctor at a local university or medical school used in the series. He could even serve as a character's contact or mentor for a time. This is a great way to show a character the danger's of obsession.


Finally, for a Re-animator themed laugh, check out this video. The video is just bad, but entertaining in some twisted way.

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