Monday, October 11, 2010

Rolling Dice and Feeling Good

It feels so great to be able to play in a normal D&D game again. It's been a while since my group has got together and ran a regular weekly/bi-weekly game. James has taken up the mantle as DM and is running his take on Mongoose Publishing's Ruins of the Dragon Lord (which can be found at many of the Half-Price Book Stores in Columbus for 5 bucks or less). He's making the game his own of couse, and not running it straight out of the box. For one, he's set it in the Forgotten Realms, near the Unapproachable East. Another interesting thing that James is doing is the use of props, which I've never done myself. He and his father have been using their woodworking skills to make chests that he uses for loot. James also purchased campaign coins at Origins a few years back and when we find a chest of gold in the dungeon we litterally have a chest with coins in it to open up. He's making other props to and while it may seem goofy to some, it really adds a fun element on the game.

I'm playing Gren Tealeaf-Tosskettle, a young adventurer related to two clans of halflings that have been played by myself and my friend, Wirty. I'm really getting into the character and using my best Scots-Irish brogue (which isn't all that great and has ocassional slips into pirate). Gren is a strongheart halfling (hate to say I picked it over lightfoot for the extra feat) who is currently a second level rogue, first level fighter. I'm working on taking the Whisperknife prestige class from Races of Wild. Boring stuff (stats and such aside), Gren is a fun character to play. He's adventuring to gain the skills to be a better chef than his Grandpa Ollo, a world famous (at least among halflings) chef and retired adventurer. In addition he's also seeking presents for his various family and kin.

Gren travels with Glorin Goodhammer, gold dwarf cleric of Moradin, and Jasper, a mysterious dragonblooded sorcerer. In addition the group has recently been joined by a young hound archon (that doesn't speak common and Gren doesn't fully trust) and an unusually intelligent wolf.

Update: After having a falling out with a friend of mine, I'm no longer playing in this game.

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