Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Horror Idol

I meant to post this last month (when it was taken), but never got around to it. My father-in-law did the coolest thing for me this year. As my Christmas present he took me to the Horror Hound Weekend (this one was near Cincinnati, Ohio) and gave me some spending money. Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange, Rob Zombie's Halloween), Julian Sands (of Warlock fame), Linda Blair (The Exorcist), Johnathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers), and some of the special effects guys from the Ghostbusters movies were also in attendance. As a side note, Johnathan Breck, who plays the creature from Jeepers Creepers, is actually kind of a handsome charismatic guy. Not what I expected from a guy that played a movie monster like that. While that's cool, that's not why I was so excited to go.

The big draw for me was the fact that my all time favorite actor, Jeffrey Combs was at the convention. I'm a huge fan of Jeff. His work as Herbert West got me into horror movies. In addition he's great in The Frighteners and well damn near everything he's in. In addition, his voice acting as The Question in Justice League Unlimited was inspired. I had him sign my copy of Beyond Re-Animator (the first in the series that I'd seen, though the last of the movies) and had my picture taken with him.

He was a great guy and seemed really nice. He did a panel with (nearly all of) the cast from the first Re-Animator and an actress from the second. You can find my cinematic unisystem write-up of Dr. West here.

I spent some money on gaming things too. Twilight Creations, the makers of Zombies!!!, Humans!!!, and Martians!!! were there and I finally picked up a copy of Zombies!!! I also bought some zombie Christmas cards, and a few other random bits. The experience was great and I can't wait to go to the next Horror Hound convention (which is in Indianapolis and will have appearences by the main stars of The Boondock Saints).

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  1. Linda Blair... Julian Sands... Malcolm McDowell... I so would have went to this if I knew!