Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wilmington Star Wars Game

I'm hanging out with an old friend of mine this weekend and I'm planning on running a solo Star Wars Saga Edition game for him.

I've always been a big Star Wars fan and though I don't like everything that's been done to my beloved franchise, I can't complain too much.

I used the crawl creator on to make this to set the game up.

I may use this one instead:


  1. I regret that in all of my years of gaming, I've only played a single session of Star Wars. Good luck with your campaign!!

  2. I've played the original d6 version and the 2.5 versions that WotC released (D20, Revised D20, and Saga Edition). All are fun. There's just something about playing a character in SW that's great.

    One of my favorites was a junk droid (originally a B1 Battle Droid) mercenary.

  3. The version I played was the original d6. I fondly recall leaping from a jet bike that I tried to launch like a missile into a large vehicle. I think I skidded along the ground like Jell-o.

  4. The original is fun, though I think the easiest to use and run would be Saga Edition.