Tuesday, May 13, 2014

M&M 3E Resources (Latest Update 5-16-16)

I've compiled a list of resources for Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition. As I (hopefully) find more things I will continue to update the list. Please note that these are just 3E pdf's, there are plenty of other useful resources online.

Character Sheets
Black and White

Cursed Adventurer and Ex Cape
Dark Emissary and Inhuman Juggernaut
Space Demigod (with Energy Being and Insectoid race templates)

Character Stats
The Atom Family (Freedomverse)
Vortex (Freedomverse) 
Dragoneye (Freedomverse) 
Victor (Freedomverse) 
Xeno (Freedomverse)  
Kid Robot (Freedomverse)
Ultramarine (Freedomverse)
Rocky (Freedomverse)
Mongrel (Freedomverse) 
Princess (Freedomverse)
The Rook (Freedomverse)
Dr. Sin (Freedomverse)
The Cybertribe (Freedomverse)
The Powercorps (Freedomverse) 
Talona (Freedomverse) 
The Black Avenger (Freedomverse) - broken link
Terminus Probot (Freedomverse)
Megaladon (Freedomverse)
The Spectre (DC)
Poison Ivy (DC)
Power Girl (DC) 
Shadow Thief  (DC)
The Joker (DC)
Aquaman (DC)
The Committee (Wild Cards)
Drummer Boy (Wild Cards)
Blindspot and Massive Defender
Nero the Newshound and Ogre Bear
Ruadan and Samson
TitanPrime and U.S. Ape
Velocity Raptor and Virago II
Alien Supermind

The Silver Storm (Freedomverse)
Crisis on Christmas (Freedomverse)

Superboy vs Knockout (DC)
Batman vs Bane (DC)

2nd to 3rd Conversion Notes
DC Hero's Handbook Errata

Third Party
FCBD Super-Special 2014 (Adventure and NPC's)
Elements of Ruin: The Challengers (NPC's)
The Objectivist
Gamemaster - AoV Solo Special
Gingerbread Golem
Megastar - AoH Solo
Super Powered Legends: Mako Shark
Fantastic Heroes Special (Fantasy Archetypes)
Drone Disasters
Enemy Strike File: Stunt Double

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