Friday, May 16, 2014

The Cloak of Feathers (DCC)

I've been listening to The Sword again. They always put me in a swords and sorcery mood. The video below inspired this post. If some things seem awkwardly worded, that's because I tried to include lyrics in the write up.

I may try to do a few more based on their songs. I definitely recommend The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone. They also have really cool video trilogy, Tres Brujah, Lawless Lands, and Night City.

Brenna, the Witch Queen
Since time immemorial there has been a witch queen. Chosen by the moon goddess and blessed by Lilith, she is a guardian of the balance and the old ways. The current bearer of the title is Brenna of the Quill. She is a fair, yet stern leader. When encountered by those outside of her coven she is typically seen astride a mare of purest white, adorned with her beautiful cloak of feathers. All of who gaze upon her note the sadness in her eyes. Few realize she is slowly dying from a seemingly incurable poison.

Many have fallen for her doleful grace. These individuals often give their all, until there is nothing left, trying to find a cure for her condition. Thus far, none have succeeded.

Brenna, the Witch Queen: Init +3, Atk halberd +2 melee (1d8); AC 13; HD 5d4; hp 20; MV 30'; Act 1d20; SP spellcasting (+10 check), summon succubus 1/Day; SV Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +8; AL N

Spells: Animal Summoning, Ekim's Mystical Mask, Read Magic, Phantasm, Ray of Enfeeblement, Scare, Fly, Runic Alphabet (Fey), Turn to Stone

Silver Chalice
This magical chalice has been an icon of the witch queens for centuries. The queen may choose for it to turn a beverage imbibed into life or death. The drink either heals the drink 4d4 HP or it acts as Black Widow poison. The chalice can only affect an individual once per day.

The Cloak of Feathers
This magical cloak woven from the feathers of owl, raven, peacock, and dove was created by Brenna for her lost lover. It holds a powerful enchantment that grants the wear a +2 to personality and +2 to AC.

The Hood of Quills
Also created for her fallen lover, this magical headdress grants it's wearer a +4 to her caster check.

If both items are worn the caster may cast Nythuul's Porcupine Coat once per day (as with cast 22 spellcheck, duration 10 rounds).