Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great AGE Resource

This is just a little heads up for fans of the AGE system. The Dragon Age Oracle page is a great resource. It has various "hacks" that let you use the system for different settings. In particular, I like the looks of the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion material.

Kobold Quarterly has regular articles for AGE in it's publication. Various articles have been posted on their website as well. I am going to have to use the Krampus this holiday season.

Also, if you love Felicia Day and play AGE, don't forget that Green Ronin released stats for her character Tallis a while back. And just because I love Miss Day, I figured I'd post the trailer for the webseries the character is from. Also, if you're wanting to get a taste of what the age system is like, check out the quickstart for it.

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