Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Evil Dead

Today's post is a follow up to yesterday's.

Last night I watched the remake of Evil Dead. I have to say the movie didn't let me down.The posters advertise it as "The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience" and while I don't agree with that statement it was great. The story had elements of the original, but felt like its own story. There was plenty of gore soaked moments, demonic infestation, a chainsaw, and a few great lines. I want the new franchise to keep going and  there are talks of the two versions crossing over, which would be great.  If you watch the movie, make sure you stay through all of the credits. I really want to talk more about the characters and things (I thought about statting some out), but I didn't want to post spoilers.  As I said while each movie is its own, they share some commonalities. My favorite is the chainsaw.

Chainsaw (slightly modified from World of Darkness: Armory)
Despite what the movies show chainsaws aren't meant to be weapons. They're loud and unwieldy. However, few can argue with the results. Chainsaws only due Damage -2 (L), but they gain the benefit of 8 again. That means all successes are re-rolled.Unless the character has a Craft rating of 3 or higher (or Weaponry: Chainsaw expertise), the weapon is considered an improvised weapon (incurring a -1 attack roll penalty). Dramatic failures mean the wielder is in for a bad day. Roll 3 dice, applying the 8 again rules, but the damage is done to the wielder. Also, few people want to step up to someone using a chainsaw. Wielders gain a +1 to their defense and +2 to Intimidation.

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