Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for From Dusk Til Dawn

My love of horror started with vampire flicks. One of my favorites is the original From Dusk Til Dawn. It has everything I need in a vampire action movie.

Sexy vampire queen?
Kickass vampire killer.
Condoms filled with holy water?

If you are familiar with the flick, two criminal brothers kidnap a family and head to an out of the way biker/trucker bar and strip club in an isolated section of Mexico. The bar is actually built on old Mayan ruins and infested with vampires. The group have to band together and survive til dawn.

The movie's premise would make a great intro or scenario for a Hunter: The Vigil/Mortals game. It could also make an interesting diversion for a Werewolf game. What happens when a traveling pack stops at the club? Finally a nearby Prince could be tired of the antics of the club and send a coterie of the Kindred to deal with the club once and for all.

I decided to stat out Salma Hayek's sexy vampire stripper. She was created using the core Vampire: The Requiem book and Shadows Over Mexico

Santánico Pandemónium

Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Malintzin
Covenenant: Circle of the Crone

Embrace: 1903
Apparent Age: 30


Intelligence 2 , Wits 3, Resolve 4
Strength 4 ,Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Presence 5, Manipulation 5, Composure 4

Academics 2, Investigation 3, Occult 4, Politics 4
Athletics 3, Brawl 5, Larceny 2, Stealth 3, Survival 4, Weaponry 3
Animal Kin 2, Empathy 2, Expression 4 (Dance), Intimidation 4, Persuasion 3, Socialize 4, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 3

Merits: Area Status 3, Haven (Titty Twister) 5, Language (English) 2, Striking Looks 4

Willpower: 10:  
Humanity: 4

Virtue: Fortitude

Vice: Lust

Size: 5
Initiative Modifier: 8
Speed: 8
Blood Potency: 6
Disciplines: Animalism 3Celerity 3, Dominate 4, Majesty 3,  Protean 4, Vigor 3 (Santánico knows the Shadows over Mexico versions of these disciplines)
Vitae/per Turn: 15/3


  1. Not my personal cup of tea, but I admire your skill and creativity. And I love exploring things that others enjoy. We humans are a diverse lot, aren't we?
    Mary at Mary A to Z

  2. Good job, Justin. I liked FD2D when I first saw it. A bit rough on language but a neat plot. Also, good write up. I don't play WOD any more these days, but she is a nice write up, regardless.

  3. Nice A to Z theme :) I'm pretty sure I've never seen this movie.

  4. I'm not familiar with this one but condoms filled with holy water made me chuckle. When I was a teenager we would fill condoms with mayonnaise and hang them on people's doorknobs. When I told my now adult son about this little prank, he thought I was a complete idiot. I think he's probably right.