Sunday, May 26, 2013

Succubus Sunday - Tony DiTerlizzi

Welcome to Succubus Sunday! What better way to celebrate the Lord's day than with some sexy demons? While the pictures and content I post will obviously be of a sexual nature (and may contain some nudity), I don't plan on posting anything too explicit. Also, don't be surprised if I post the occasional incubus picture (lust is an equal opportunity thing).

For the inaugural Succubus Sunday I wanted to post succubi pictures by my favorite artist, Tony DiTerlizzi. He's a great artist who's work has featured prominently in two of my favorite rpgs/campaigns (Changeling: The Dreaming and Planescape).

This is my all time favorite succubus picture.

And as a bonus here are a couple of sexy ladies with succubus blood (an alu-fiend and a tiefling).

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  1. Yeah! Love Succubi. I'll be looking forward to this each week.