Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Attack the Block

I was recently inspired by this post at A Field Guide to Doomsday to watch Attack the Block again. If you haven't watched the movie, do so now. I've already statted out the creatures for Primeval/Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space here, but I wanted to give it another go. Since the aliens are ape-like I decided to use one Terra Primate, which is a gem of a niche game. If you are unfamliar with Terra Primate, it's All Flesh Must Be Eaten but with apes instead of zombie. You can snag copies of the game rather cheap and I recommend picking up a copy if you're a fan of All Flesh or Classic Unisystem.

Blue Tooth

Strength 10         Constitution 5
Dexterity 4          Intelligence 2 (Animal)
Perception 2      Willpower 3

Life Points 70     Endurance Points 59
Speed 6/38*      Essence Pool 26
Qualities/Drawbacks: Animal Communication, Animal Intelligence, Armor 2, Claws, Carnivore, Knuckle-walking
Skills: Climbing 2, Intimidation 5

Natural Attacks:
Bite D8(4) X Strength (slashing)
Claws D6(3) X Strength (slashing)

*The first number reflects bipedal movement, while the second covers quadrupedal movement. Secondary Attribute bonuses are already added. See the Knuckle-walking Drawback for information on penalties to bipedal movement.

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