Wednesday, December 4, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day One: How I Got Started

Day 1 - How You Got Started

In the beginning the gods, Gygax and Arneson, created the seven heavens, nine hells, and all the other places we adventure upon.
-Book of Grognard Chapter I, verse I

I'd never heard of Dungeons and Dragons until I was in third grade. I was placed in the T.A.G. (Talented and Academically Gifted) class and met one my best friends, Chad. Chad's older brother, Chris, played D&D and had a descent book collection. He would tell Chad stories and eventually let Chad play. Chad then told me stories and we would "play D&D" with our action figures. We read the books and then adapted those and made our own stories that we acted out with our toys. Eventually we decided we were going to play the game in earnest. My first experience wasn't great. Chad and I used the 2E Book of Humanoids to make a couple of minotaurs and we were thrown into a Hollow World arena to fight lions. We were killed. A lot. The DM was Chad's older cousin Mark, someone that to this day I still can't stand. After that session we decided to do things our way. I bought a 2E Players Handbook and the Complete Book of Elves and I made my first true character, Will the avariel fighter (father of Ulic, the character in my blog banner pic). I played that character for years (even into high school)

Still when I think about, my start was as a nine year old with action figures and D&D books. I'm cool with that.

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