Thursday, December 5, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day Two: Favorite Playable Race

Day 2 - Favorite Playable Race

As I've mentioned a few times, one of the first D&D books I purchased was the Complete Book of Elves. For the longest times, elves were my favorites. To this day, some of my favorite characters I've played are elves. Now though, I find that I don't quite have the love affair with elves I had when I was younger. 

Honestly, I'm a halfling guy. 

I will admit that my love for the little buggers started in 2E. I had the Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings too, and I did enjoy them. Something about them spoke to me. I remember loving the "Homesteader" kit (I think that's what it was called). I think it was the sense of family that seemed to be a very important part of halfling culture that struck a chord with me. I know dwarves have this too, but they're a bit too lawful for my taste. Halflings are burglars (yeah blame The Hobbit). Later editions (notable 4th) even added a nomadic gypsy aspect to their culture (which I'm a big fan of). 

There have been two prominent halfling families in campaigns I've been a part of (no matter what the setting). The first are a creation of my friend, Wirty. The Tealeafs are a mixed bag of clerics and rogues. While not evil, they're something like the halfling mafia. The other prominent family in our games are the Tosskettles (my creation). The Tosskettles are master craftsman (predominantly brewers, chefs, and alchemists). They are typically heroic and also secretly whisperknives (silent and swift halfling avengers).

I just love these guys. I can't wait to play one in 5th edition.

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