Monday, December 30, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day Twenty-Seven: A Character You Want To Play in the Future

Day 27 - A Character I Want To Play in the Future

During 3rd editions hey day every company had a class book. Most were so-so, but some were cool. My favorite third party books were Fantasy Flights "Path of" books. These books introduced the idea of the legendary class. These classes were a lot like prestige classes but more legendary, hence the name.You had to declare you were taking one a level before you did. You then had to complete a list of legendary tasks, in addition to having the standard prestige class requirements. The classes themselves were more free form as well, you chose when to take the class abilities and at what power you wanted them.

My favorite of these classes was the jack-of-knives.  It was a brutal back-alley fighter/rogue class. They lived and died by their daggers and knives. They weren't glamorous rogues, but they got the job done. I don't remember all of their legendary tasks but I remember one involved clearing out a dangerous dungeon using only non-magical daggers and entering a city and throwing down a knife fight challenge (and defeating) the first ten guild rogues that accepted.

I always wanted to play a street rogue that rose to roguish "royalty" and became the jack-of-knives (because to me it seems like a singular title). Even if the class itself doesn't exist in the edition I'm playing, I still want to make this character a reality. Perhaps my first 5th edition character can be my jack-of-knives.

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