Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spreading a Little Yuletide Fear - Cinematic Style

Last year I mentioned my love for the cheesy horror flick, Santa's Slay. I even posted some things based on it for Mutants and Masterminds 3e here and here. This year I decided to give him the cinematic unisystem treatment. 

Name: Santa
Motivation: Spread a little Yuletide fear
Critter Type: Demon
Attributes: Str 10, Dex 8, Con 10, Int 5, Per 5, Will 7
Ability Scores: Muscle 26, Combat 19, Brains 18
Life Points:  155                Drama Points: 5
Special Abilities:  Hard to Kill 5, Increased Life Points, Innate Magic, Hot Coals, Sled, Regeneration

Name               Score                     Damage               Notes
Dodge               19                             -                        Defense Action
Hot Coal            19                            15                      Ranged, Fire Damage
Punch                19                            20                      Bash
Takedown          26                            10                      Resisted by dodge/parry; target                                                    prone

Santa is not the jolly fat man we all know in love. In truth, Santa is actually the son of Satan. Born during the middle ages of a virgin birth, Santa is a cruel demon. On his birthday, he would commit various atrocities, when became known as the "Day of Slaying." The peasants would hold masses praying to the Lord for protection (Christ masses if you will). In 1005 AD, an archangel was sent by God to put an end to Santa's reign of terror. He challenged the demon to a curling match and after being victorious sentenced Santa to deliver presents to children and be kind for 1000 years. He hoped these acts of kindness was cause Santa to turn over a new leaf. 

They didn't...

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  1. Very cool. And thanks for the links back.
    For Ghosts of Albion I would also give him Innate Magic.

    1. No problem, I think I'll go ahead and add Innate Magic to his "sheet." Tonight I plan on finishing Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and I believe I will stat up that version of Santa too (which is quite freaky).